RH2O Partners: Objectives, Goals, Focus

RH2O Partners seek to engage public and private sector resources into a new model with a specific return-on-investment in water-related resiliency. Based on AccelerateH2O's 2018 and 2019 Roundtables and InvestH2O Forums - "Investing in Resiliency" - the billions of dollars in insurance, reinsurance losses coupled with federal-state-local government payouts to communities and industries suggests that an alternative resource allocation scenario is vital. Financial, fiscal, and economic modeling for preparedness, resilient-focused investing can generate significant mitigation AND returns.

Resiliency As A Service LLC is a platform for aggregating innovative technologies, integrated solutions of equipment and expertise, and alternative capital. These unique "packages" are pre-vetted and customized to address private and public facilities, infrastructure, operations, as well as community/ neighborhood requirements for risk and loss mitigation due to persistent threats from drought, flood, fire, earthquake, and the indirect impacts from threats to cyber security and critical infrastructure.

We evaluate each program and project for immediate economic and financial impact on future losses and  on a stand-alone basis for returns to our partners and investors.

Our Assessment and Risk Modeling Advisory-Consulting Services identifies, prioritizes, and aggregates technologies, equipment and best practices that meet our criteria for strengthening existing and future mitigation. Our Strategic Inventories - Regional Resiliency Repositories and our Special Purpose Project Developments are determined on the basis of delivering multiple packages and long-term infrastructure or operational resiliency by coordinating locations, end-uses and performance-based impacts, ongoing economic benefit WITH consistent revenue through multi-year contracts, licenses, and/or subscriptions.

Identify & Prioritize

RH2O Partners' Consulting Services works with public and private sector asset, facility, infrastructure, operations managers to identify and prioritize "Key Pain Points" and "Pre-Disaster Mitigation Investment Strategies" 

Evaluate, Customize

Based on the initial identification and prioritization, RH2O Partners' Consulting Services - in coordination with client's engineering and financial team will evaluate current technology, equipment, facilities, logistics, internal and external value-chains and prototype an appropriate "package" to install as a fit-for-purpose integrated solution, co-locate on or adjacent to sites and operations, and otherwise ensure proximity of delivery in advance of weather-, water-related incidents. In certain scenarios, RH2O and Clients may joint venture on full-scale Strategic Project Development.

Aggregate / Organize

Through our Resiliency-As-A Service Model, RH2O Partners aggregates the market's best international, national, and regional resources for existing and cutting-edge technologies, integrated solutions, and where applicable assists as an interim project development partner to organize ALL the critical elements for achieving mission-ready preparedness and measurable resilience.


RH2O Partners takes a fund-syndication approach to investment: simply we have formed unique collaborations with family offices, venture funds, private equity, public finance, insurance and reinsurance commercial partners, and if necessary public sector resources, to generate a new model for "Investing in Resiliency." We have identified unique Public-Private Partnerships, Incentives, and Special Purpose Vehicles for fast-tracking so-called 'low-hanging' opportunities.


RH2O Partners promotes one powerful goal: to reduce the cost and mitigate risks ahead of traditional emergency service, response, and recovery by targeting performance-based  preparedness and resiliency through innovative deployment of technologies, equipment, expertise, and resources, thereby minimizing loss of life, business, community and economic activity.

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