Alliance will create new opportunities for Texas water innovators & entrepreneurs


SplashLink.com, an online “one-stop” for the water industry, and AccelerateH2O, Texas’ global water cluster, has announced a partnership that will provide a more comprehensive view of Texas-specific contracting, bidding and funding opportunities, as well as projects from throughout North America.

“Innovators, technology firms, and regional water initiatives need both new funding sources AND contract procurement opportunities to be able to get off the ground and generate revenues,” said AccelerateH2O Executive Director Richard Seline. “SplashLink.com provides access to millions of dollars in funding and thousands of projects—first within the Texas market and then around the world. We are excited to add this constantly updated, real-time source of information for the $9 billion water and water technology sector through our Water Innovation Clearinghouse.”

SplashLink.com is designed exclusively for the water industry to give solution buyers and sellers easy access to valuable opportunities through search tools, e-mail alerts or at the touch of a button. It provides access to bids and projects, in addition to funding options that are suitable for new technology companies as well as municipalities looking for ways to pay for projects beyond tax increases and rate hikes.

“AccelerateH2O is a global water technology hub that drives innovation,” SplashLink.com CEO Ebie Holst said. “We are proud to team with them to simplify their member’s lives and improve response to water industry challenges.”

AccelerateH2O powers water industry innovation in Texas by providing multilayered support. Whether solving problems through Grand Challenges “WaterQuest” competitions, helping to commercialize important advances through InvestH2O or providing support to established companies through the forums and consortia to mitigate barriers to innovation, AccelerateH2O is working to ensure that Texas companies are able to respond to water challenges.

“The Texas ecosystem is impressive,” said SplashLink.com Vice President Jason Wuliger. “They understand that with increasing stress on water, from drought and flooding to industry and infrastructure demand, getting solutions to market fast has never been more important.”

“More than a million Texans are impacted by our work at AccelerateH2O,” Seline said. “Our relationship with SplashLink.com helps ensure that our companies continue to grow, our communities continue to prosper, and we continue to bring cutting edge solutions to the world.” 

About SplashLink.com


SplashLink.com serves companies that are concerned about missing bid and project opportunities within the water industry, and organizations that are frustrated by limited funding opportunities to pay for treatment, infrastructure or even new technology-related projects.  As the only water-focused marketplace in the industry, SplashLink.com provides an affordable, one-stop resource that helps industry buyers, sellers and innovators of water solutions to find one another as well as millions in funding, and thousands of project opportunities from sources across the industry.  From interests in water, wastewater, stormwater and remediation to planning, design, monitoring and equipment, some of the key markets we serve include:


of the key markets we serve include:

  • Municipalities and Utilities

  • Consulting and Engineering Firms

  • Industry Suppliers and Service Providers

  • New-Technology Innovators

For the Design, Consulting & Engineering Firms:
You can find project and bidding opportunities which include contact details so that you can develop relationships with buyers before the next bid goes out and expand your business development efforts. Easily share bid opportunities with potential partners or send funding resources to your clients to help them pay for your services using the "Forward to a Colleague" feature. You will be most interested in our Solver Special Plan that begins at $429.
For the Solutions Providers and Distributors:
Find project and bidding opportunities with an exclusive water focus and save time by narrowing requests to your exact market. The Directory of Expertise is a great way to increase your visibility and showcase what makes your company unique. You will be most interested in our Solver Special Plan that begins at $429.

For the Municipalities, Utilities, and Agencies:
Use a database of funding opportunities unique to the water industry that includes a comprehensive list of government resources, as well as funding from non-profit organizations, foundations, banks, and other atypical sources. You will be most interested in our Seeker Special Plan that begins at $249.

For the New Technology Companies:
Find a range of capital options to support your research, testing, commercialization, market entry, and operations. Use the bid and project listings for insights into market demand and for access to contact details. You will be most interested in our Solver Special Plan that begins at $429.

Here at SplashLink.com, we take pride in being the most affordable, most accessible, and simplest solution for every player in the water industry. Our prices are all-inclusive and there are no hidden fees, seriously! We consider our job to be making yours easier, and we are constantly expanding and evolving our service to better suit your needs. It's a service built entirely for you! If you would like more information please contact us!



From the CEO

     SplashLink.com is not an intervention for water. We are an intervention for the water industry. This highly fragmented and massive industry is now under more stress than ever before. Aging infrastructure, drought conditions, storm concerns, contamination challenges. Water and how we manage water resources are critical to virtually every community and industry on earth, so when these resources are under stress, the risks can be significant:  the very core of our health, safety and commerce.   

     Since first incorporating in 2011, our focus at SplashLink.com has been to simplify access to business-critical information this industry needs to better respond when day-to-day challenges arise. This means better enabling communities to find ways to pay for their projects, and helping them to find and get their needs in front of a diverse range of expertise at any given time. This also means helping the experts out there to more quickly learn about and respond to bids and projects that need to get done. And amidst so much industry noise, we want to make sure that whatever or wherever that expertise is, it can be found at a moment’s notice. This is an industry with many giants, but it is also an industry of mostly small to mid-size organizations, so we want to ensure these tools are affordable, but we also want them to scale for size and reach. 

We’re listening. And we’re just getting started.

- Ebie Holst, Founder & CEO