(Irrigation Equipment)

Solex corporation has been involved in the importing and distribution of farm, landscape, and light construction equipment in the Western U.S. for over 50 years. The specialized products are marketed through agricultural dealers but we welcome inquiries from retail customers who will be referred nearest local dealer.Today, Solex distributes over 40 product lines from different U.S. and European manufacturers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington.

Electrochemical Products and Services

De Nora is a global company and a leading designer and supplier of electrodes, coatings, complete electrochemical solutions and water technologies to serve diversified markets.


Healthy Heart Hydroponics Corporation is located in Del Valle, Texas. This organization primarily operates in the Food Crops Grown Under Cover business / industry within the Agricultural Production - Crops sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 2 years. Healthy Heart Hydroponics Corporation is estimated to generate $50,000 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 2 people at this single location. 

Industrial Wastewater Reuse

Water Planet has demonstrated a track record of delivering reliable, innovative and affordable solutions for industrial, municipal, and agricultural water use and reuse.

Water Planet delivers high-performance wastewater treatment, water purification, and separation solutions utilizing every major class of membrane technology in a wide variety of configurations and materials.

The world-class team brings over 150 years of professional water treatment and membrane separations experience. We have industry-leading expertise in solving for the world’s toughest industrial water reuse and desalination challenges.

Atmospheric Water Generation
Software Solutions Company

Digital H2O is a digital oilfield intelligence company focused on developing software solutions for the end-to-end management of water in oil and gas operations. Our technology leverages advanced data aggregation techniques and sophisticated analysis to uncover new economic opportunities and reduce the lifecycle cost of managing water for numerous stakeholders across the oil patch – land men, E&P operators, and service companies, as well as financial investors.

Water Treatment Equipment

We sell and install only the most durable, time-tested equipment available on the market today. Texas Water systems is a veteran and locally owned Water Treatment company serving the Hill Country since 1977. We service everything that we sell as well as most popular brands of water treatment equipment.

Water Filtration and Treatment Systems

Hudson Watertech LLC, formerly Hudson Corp. of Texas, has continuously served San Antonio, Texas and surrounding states with high quality, competitively priced water softeners, water filters, Reverse Osmosis systems, and all types of water treatment equipment and water conditioning systems since 1947.  Hudson Watertech's long history as a locally owned, family run business ensures its customers with quality service from personnel with over 100 years of experience in specifying, building, installing and servicing water systems.  A woman owned, third generation business, Hudson Water consistently provides excellent products and service to their many commercial and residential customers.

Hospitals, food processors, beverage companies, restaurants, hotels and motels, commercial laundries, state institutions and jails, youth camps,  ranches and individual home owners trust Hudson Watertech with their water system requirements. 

Recycling Water, Recovering Oil

Nano Gas Technologies has patent pending technology that handles the major issues of oil wastewater in an affordable way.  The difference is their ability to create nano-scale bubbles in treatment water.  They are so small it literally changes the density of the water and creates gas saturation levels never seen before.  

Oil rises to the surface and suspended solids drop to the bottom of wastewater in minutes, not days or weeks through the usual gravity settlement methods. ​In most cases, the water remaining is ready to be turned into heavy water and deployed right back into oil production.  This recycled water eliminates demand for fresh water supplies and negates the need for underground disposal.

​The oil from the water is recovered and sold.

Data Water Sensor

Hydrospin is the response to a great need for an efficient energy solution in the water quality industry. Hydrospin’s innovation produces micro-energy from generators within urban water pipelines, allowing cities to manage their smart water networks with sustainable, efficient and uninterrupted data flow.

Water Systems

BioTech Water Researchers is your local water softener system and reverse osmosis filtration company. We have been at our Nacogdoches Road location since 1986, providing San Antonio water softeners, reverse osmosis, carbon and iron filters and disinfectant systems to residents and businesses in Central Texas.

Water Systems

Oasys Water is the leading provider of integrated forward osmosis (FO) and other membrane systems for high recovery desalination, including brine management and zero liquid discharge (ZLD). Our newly announced ClearFlo MBCx platform has changed the high salinity water treatment game again, extending the reach of Oasys technologies for use in various industrial markets and in areas of extreme water scarcity.

Marine Sound Reduction Technology

AdBm Technologies has developed a patented underwater noise control system which is simpler, easier to use, more effective, and has lower manufacturing costs than current technologies.  Until now, noise abatement systems have used curtains of small, freely-rising bubbles in an effort to mitigate noise. These systems exhibit mediocre performance because these bubbles are not tuned to attenuate the low frequencies typically produced by industrial processes, and water currents can easily blow these bubbles away from the noise source they’re supposed to be surrounding. Our system uses encapsulated air bubbles, tuned to specific frequencies and arranged in specific configurations, to capture and mitigate noise from various noise sources.

Water Process Improvement Systems

Clean water is a necessity for the oil and gas industry where process improvement, government regulations and environmental concerns make access to clean water more critical every day. MYCELX is doing things no one else can do, taking oil-free water to new levels. MYCELX is helping to solve the industry's toughest problems.

MYCELX is a revolutionary oil-free water technology company solving the world’s toughest oil removal problems in the oil and gas industry. Our systems are based upon scientific breakthrough for a completely different approach to permanent oil removal. We created the patented MYCELX polymer using innovative molecular cohesion for removing oil from water far beyond what conventional systems have ever achieved. MYCELX systems remove oil to critically low levels in a much smaller physical footprint than conventional systems and in a virtually fail-safe process.

Water Infrastructure and Services

Oilfield Water Logistics, LLC (OWL) provides water infrastructure and services to the energy industry with a focus on pipeline gathering systems, produced water disposal and reclamation. OWL, through its partnership with Natural Gas Partners ("NGP") and NGP Energy Technology Partners ("NGPETP"), is a leader in water management and is able to provide energy companies in the most prolific basins a confident choice to handle their water logistics. OWL is committed to its customers, to safety and to the environment and operates at the highest standards. 

Water Reclamation Technology

Crown LLC is a private corporation offering cost effective, responsible water reclamation solutions for industrial wastewater restoration. Our mission is to reclaim the Earth’s natural resources that have been harmed in our quest for energy independence. Our Water Reclamation technology allows us to clean 100% of flow back and produced water to levels safe enough for the water to be returned to its source or reused in subsequent wells.

RT Chemical Analysis of Water/Other Fluids Technology

Water Lens is a patented and patent-pending system for real-time chemical analysis of water and other fluids that can be performed at the well site. Water Lens enables real-time and accurate onsite testing of drilling fluids and frac water, for a host of contaminants or interfering constituents.  Our trays come preloaded with multiple sensors and results are provided in a matter of minutes.  No mixing chemicals or handling dangerous acids.  Our chemistry is specifically designed with the harsh oilfield environment in mind.  By using Water Lens, operators, oilfield service, chemical, and water recycling companies now have access to the critical data they need, when they need it the most – at the well site.  With Water Lens, detailed fluid analysis at the well site is fast, accurate, and dirt simple!


Water Recycling

Today, Water Rescue Services has developed EcoRenew, a water recycling solution, that enables produced water to be recycled and reused in the hydraulic fracturing process. Unique to our system is our footprint flexibility and mobility that makes us compatible for any drilling location.

Stormwater Technology

Stormwater management is one of the most pressing urban environmental issues in the developed world. In the US alone, we discharge over 900 billion gallons of raw sewage into natural bodies every year due to combined sewer overflows. In addition, stormwater runoff can carry pollutants from urban and agricultural land into natural water bodies, resulting in eutrophication. Furthermore, due to urbanization, stormwater often flows too quickly into local water bodies, stirring up sediment and wreaking havoc on local species.

These issues, and others, are consequences of the timing and flow rate of stormwater release. Opti automatically controls when and how fast stormwater flows. This simple intervention can have a massive impact on the health of our water ecosystem.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

akvola Technologies is a water technology company specialized in the treatment of hard-to-treat industrial wastewater with a focus in theremoval of oil (free, dispersed and emulsified)and suspended solids.

akvola Technologies sells custom solutions equipped with akvoFloat™ – a proprietary flotation-filtration process based on novel ceramic membranes– designed to deal with hard-to-treat waters where conventional technologies fail.

Wastewater Solution Technologies

As corporate water use and wastewater treatment specialists, our journey began when helping a client solve an urgent compliance problem. They were overwhelmed by excessive water flow and contamination. Our initial task was to expand their wastewater treatment plant. Almost immediately we realized problems were not outside in the treatment plant; they were inside the building.

If we could eliminate our client’s unnecessary water use and contamination at the source, their compliance issues would disappear. Not only would this be better for the environment, our client would avoid spending millions on building and running new treatment plants. A big idea was born.

Tests at several locations proved the idea could work. Our client reduced their water use by more than 20%. Savings exceeded the cost of keeping waste in check.

APANA has been on a mission to eliminate water waste in the built environment ever since.

Smart Water Meter

The Bwareit smart water meter will have a direct influence on water consumption and processes, saving water and money.

Bwareit provides unprecedented accuracy and provides a return on investment for the user within a short period.

Water Treatment Consulting

AquaLogic specializes in water treatment consulting for Hospitals, Schools, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial/Institutional Properties and Government Facilities in the South Western United States. We work with you to provide precision water treatment in order to lower your total cost of operating while ensuring a safe, responsible work place for your employees and clients. From boilers, heat exchangers and cooling towers to sterilizers and humidifiers we conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and model the exact solution set required for optimal equipment performance. Once we’ve developed the water treatment model for your equipment requirements and environmental parameters we then produce the water treatment solution in an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility. By developing an exact water treatment solution we eliminate the guess work and environmental impact while reducing water and energy costs. 

Water Treatment Systems

Evoqua Water Technologies is the global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers protect and improve the world's most fundamental natural resource: water.  We have a more than 100-year heritage of innovation and industry firsts, market-leading expertise, and unmatched customer service. From activated carbonreverse osmosis, and mobile water solutions to membrane ultrafiltration and biological wastewater treatment, our industrial waterindustrial wastewaterdrinking water and municipal wastewater treatment products and services will provide the solution to meet your water treatment needs.