Resiliency Investment Clearinghouse

Enable an open trusted collaborative consortium  - where participants Learn, Share, and Connect to dramatically increase and improve public- private sector resilience-focused, water- related research commercialization, problem solving, and business development.


The Clearinghouse serves as the digital project management tool for our demonstration hubs.


The Clearinghouse is Vetted, Proven, and incorporates Cost Effective Technologies.

Are Innovations our driven to change Texas water assets through collaboration, technology, and new ideas! Check out all of our innovations today!

Real Time Opportunities

The Real Time Opportunities includes Tax Credits and Incentives, Technology Trends and Opportunities, Texas (RFPs, Contracts, and Grant Opportunities), and event Real-Time Job Postings related to water technology job opportunities.

This includes the latest and most up to date information!


Water innovation technology projects. You can like, join, or view exissting projects or create a new one! 

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Innovative Water Technology Demonstration Hubs

AccelerateH2O - working with public and private sector water operators, facility and infrastructure managers, and unique sites for expediting the demonstration of a product, service and/or solution - has identified several locations around the State to serve as Innovation Water Demonstration "Hubs" on a fee-for-service basis. We support technology companies in need of field-demonstrations for regulatory approval, investor and procurement confirmation of technical efficacy, and integrated design by engineers and contractors.Technology companies that are at an earlier stage - testing, evaluation, and piloting on a limited scale - will best be served through academic, research, and non-profit partners. Each Demonstration and Pilot Project is done under a confidential fee-for-service model and framework. 

Opportunity Triage Network

AccelerateH2O's Opportunity Triage Network provides real-time vetting and scouting support to technology firms, investors, procurement decision-makers, corporate venture officers, venture companies, and expediting 'the supply-demand' process. The Network is comprised of global and national expertise from the Water Research Foundation, Water Environment Research Foundation, LIFT, Isle Utilities - and statewide, regional incubator, accelerator, technology commercialization partners.


Grand Challenges and WaterQuest competitions bring experts together to find solutions through collaboration and innovative techniquesNeed an Expert in a certain industry, university, public sector, or a product provider? Engage with one easily and immediately!

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